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Developing life skills and stressing the value of education is a strong driving force behind the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation. Many of our programs are created to facilitate both in the greater Pittsburgh area.

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  • Resources
    We work to ensure our local schools have the resources they need to have successful lessons to strengthen learning.
  • Understanding
    Our programs and events help kids understand the importance of teamwork and friendship.
  • Knowledge
    Everything we do stresses the value of education by making learning fun in and out of the classroom.
Programs for growing
Does your community rink need some upgrades?
Shop Online, Raise Money for Your Team.
Shaped like an "igloo," the COOL Zone is an early intervention behavioral health evaluation program for kids ages 3 through 12. Since 2015, the COOL Zone has provided mental health services to 340+ children across all 6 COOL Zone locations.
To bring technology into the classroom in order to even the playing field for all students, no matter their economic background.
Heads UP Pittsburgh provides free baseline concussion testing and education to young athletes, parents and coaches.

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Each and every donation we receive has an impact and helps grow our community.


100,000+ Students

Tablets in Education brings a Kindle Fire, loaded with educational apps, into the hands of over 100,000 students during each school year.


HeadsUP Pittsburgh is the first program of its kind to address the growing amount of concussions in young athletes.