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Science of Hockey School Assembly Program Introduces Elementary & Middle School Students to Science through Hockey

By Cindy Himes

On June 24, the Penguins Foundation staff was treated to a preview of Science of Hockey, the amazing new school assembly program from the Carnegie Science Center that was created in partnership with PPG and the Pens Foundation – and it truly was amazing!


The 45-minute program is geared toward students in grades K-8 and includes several live demonstrations led by a Science on the Road educator.  Penguins Director of Youth Hockey Shannon Webster and team mascot Iceburgh both appear in pre-recorded video segments demonstrating how science and the sport of hockey intersect.

Students have the opportunity to learn about physics, geometry, physiology and materials science using the sport of hockey as examples.  The goal is to excite students with engaging demonstrations that includes a swinging bowling ball pendulum (forces of motion) and a submerged 3D-printed model of the Stanley Cup in liquid nitrogen (cryogenic chemistry).


The Science of Hockey program is the latest school assembly show from Carnegie Science Center’s Science on the Road outreach initiative.  Schools, libraries and organizations can now book Science of Hockey as a virtual program or bring the assembly to their location this fall.


Whether it’s understanding Newton’s laws of motion or Bernoulli’s principle of lift, the show will capture young students’ curiosity and hopefully develop an understanding of the many forces behind science.


For more information on booking this innovative Science of Hockey program, visit