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ENVISION Blind Sports Serves Our Visually Impaired Community

ENVISION Blind Sports Serves Our Visually Impaired Community

By Cindy Himes


Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation grants have provided support to many devoted 501c3 organizations over the years; and, we are extremely proud to introduce our fans to ENVISION Blind Sports!


ENVISION Blind Sports is an organization that supports people of all ages who are blind or visually impaired by providing sports, recreational services and education to ensure they have ample opportunities to be physically active.  Their goal is to provide lifelong wellness for the individuals they serve.


Since the 2016-17 season, the Penguins Foundation has donated over $30,000 to ENVISION Blind Sports through its grant program.  Grant funds were used to support ENVISION’s annual summer sports camp.


In addition to grant support, the Penguins Foundation is proud of the partnership they have built with ENVISION and the expressed support given by providing memorabilia used in fundraisers, donations for golfers at ENVISION’s annual golf outing, and gifts for the athletes attending their week-long summer sports camp.


This summer, ENVISION will hold its camp for 65 blind or visually impaired athletes and offer 25 different sports and physical activities for participants.  Summer events include Dek hockey, paddle boarding, white water tubing, tandem cycling, swimming, a one-day kayak trip and other outdoor activities.


To register for this year’s camp, please visit


The Penguins Foundation is truly privileged to lend its support to such a purposeful and committed organization as ENVISION Blind Sports.